Fairy Tales for Adults

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t enjoy reading or listening to fairy tales? These kind, funny and comforting stories are familiar to everyone since his or her earliest childhood. Each little boy used to imagine himself being a courageous knight and each little girl dreamed of becoming a princess. When you start recollecting your favorite fairy tales you return to your childhood when the colors were brighter and the food was tastier.

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Rose: the Best Healer of All Time

There are a lot of epithets and metaphors in a human language describing the beauty of rose. People call rose unbelievable, beautiful and fragrant. Rose is possessing a title of the flower queen. And the rose in its turn gives us its nice scent and its unrivaled beauty. Originally rose has been cultivated in the Middle East and it has mesmerized all the other nations with its beauty. Many people all over the world name rose without doubting when they are asked what their favorite flowers.

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Venetian Stucco

It is a widely known fact that the natural stones such as marble or granite have always been used in decorating the interior of mansions and cathedrals. Such stones look luxurious and splendid but require too much effort to be processed and prepared for the finishing work. Moreover a large amount of left outs make this process a rather expensive one. According to the ancient legend the Roman architect Vitruvius was the first master who started using marble dust in decorating the houses, churches and castles. The new material soon became popular as it could be used in various technologies of decoration. Besides that the thin-layered marble parget could be used when the stone decoration was impossible due to the inaccessibility of the wall area. This plastering appeared to possess water-resistant and heat-resistant features. In that way the thin-layered seamless marble cover became widely used in interior decorating works.

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67th anniversary of Hiroshima.

On August 6, 1945 Hiroshima was bombed by American militarists. Boeing B-29 bomber nicknamed Enola Gay after mother of the pilot dropped atomic bomb on the city. The bomb Little Boy literally wiped the city off the map. Over 70 000 civilians were killed and thousands died suffering from radiation sicknesses. The Japanese government as well as militarists refused to surrender and didn’t accept the ultimatum. For the Americans it was the only possible way to stop the Pacific War. But hardly it could justify the bombing of Japanese cities. At the same time the Japanese government bore the responsibility as well. The government was informed that the country would be attacked. But the ultimatum was simply ignored. Emperor Hirohito didn’t interfere as well.

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Kids Adoption: Quantity Matters

Unfortunately, this world is full of unfairness, and the worst one is probably that of the neglected kids. Life in the asylum is unenviable, but poor kids just can’t help it. Many of them are doomed on living there till their coming of age, and their further life is a Russian roulette. Being adopted is the only thing these kids dream of, but this luck will come only to the elected few. Fortunately, sometimes you can meet people whose kindness doesn’t make difference between adopted kids and their own ones.

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China Intends to Design the National Processor Architecture

The Chinese government is reported to have the intentions to choose the national design of the micro processors. The central processing units of the specially protected design will be used by all the governmental institutes and all the public companies. There are five types of the processor architecture that are accessible in China. They are Alpha, MIPS, Power, ARM and UPU developed by the Chinese specialists. The Chinese leaders may choose any of them but they are likely to design their own new architecture.

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Who Sets the Prices?

It is a very rare case when the artist sells his or her artwork straight to the consumer. Usually that happens with the help of the art dealers or the auction.

The art dealers take one third from the price the art work was sold for as a rule. In that way they cover their expenses. The higher the price is the more is the dealer’s income. Hat’s why the agents try to set the highest price possible.

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Gamers and Schizoids Make the Same Mistakes

The Italian psychologists made a research and found out that the people addicted to the computer games are unable to analyze their mistakes. The specialists had tested the group of 20 gamers and compared the results with the ones of the average people with different hobbies. The tasks were the same. The analysis of these people’s answers showed that though the both groups had the same intellectual level, the fans of the computer games continue repeated making the previous mistakes.

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If your girlfriend is much younger….

Many men in their middle age notice that younger ladies become extremely attractive. But they don’t afford themselves to hang out with them anyway, considering it to be far from the moral and ethical side. They say, girls can never be too young and there is nothing wrong in the fact older men date with young girls, and about 25% of girls confess they prefer older men. So you shouldn’t be embarrassed. The main thing here is to find the right approach to ladies.

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Gifted Teenagers Who Took Over The World

“I’ve got no talent”, “I’m useless”, “I can’t do this”, “I can’t do that”, “I’ll do it some other day”… Do you often say these phrases before doing something? I bet you do and postpone the

realization of your idea. Meanwhile, even the teenagers manage to shock the community by smart, courageous and ambitious deeds. Read this post again next time you suffer from uncertainty and procrastination.

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