Rose: the Best Healer of All Time

There are a lot of epithets and metaphors in a human language describing the beauty of rose. People call rose unbelievable, beautiful and fragrant. Rose is possessing a title of the flower queen. And the rose in its turn gives us its nice scent and its unrivaled beauty. Originally rose has been cultivated in the Middle East and it has mesmerized all the other nations with its beauty. Many people all over the world name rose without doubting when they are asked what their favorite flowers.

The unique rose oil has been used in medicine, perfume production and household duties. During the Middle Ages this flower got acknowledged as a healing plant. Rose was cultivated in the chemist’s and monastery gardens. It was believed to relieve the headache, strengthen the heart muscle and reduce swelling and inflammation. The famous remedy against bad cold called gyulbesheker is usually prepared using roses. To make it one should take a pile or fresh rose petals. The roses should be in the middle of their blossom, but they shouldn’t show any first signs of wilting. The petals come off easily if you pinch it with your fingers. That these petals are put in a glass jar and interspersed with sugar. It is also necessary to tramp all the mixture and place it in a cool place. Gradually the rose petals will give juice which will dilute the sugar syrup making a scented amber colored substance. This sweet mixture was the first aid in the cases of flu and bad cold in the ancient times.

One of the most famous advantages of flower queen is the surprisingly harmonic smell. The German scientist N. Miller wrote that “the rose aroma is similar to the music chord which is composed from the “scent” notes which are united in a single harmonic sound”. Miller distinguished between 25 varieties of rose scents and found out that the classic aroma typical of roses is exuded only by the red and pink blossoms. Yellow and white roses are likely to smell like iris, violet, lemon blossom or nasturtium. The scent of the flower depends on its essential oil content.

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