Gifted Teenagers Who Took Over The World

“I’ve got no talent”, “I’m useless”, “I can’t do this”, “I can’t do that”, “I’ll do it some other day”… Do you often say these phrases before doing something? I bet you do and postpone the

realization of your idea. Meanwhile, even the teenagers manage to shock the community by smart, courageous and ambitious deeds. Read this post again next time you suffer from uncertainty and procrastination.

1. Fraser Doherty, SuperJam King

Fraser was an average 14 YO kid. He has never invented new methods of business management, or launched websites that changed the whole conception of online enterprises. No, he just leveraged his granny’s cooking skills for his own business needs. Precisely, he took her secret ninja recipe of jam and started producing and selling it. When he was 16, he decided to quit school and dedicate all his free time to jam business. That was an adult wise decision and today his company produces approximately 500, 000 cans of jam annually.

2. Jordan Romero, Everest Climber

13YO Jordan is the youngest person who has ever climbed the top of Everest. Of course, he wasn’t alone in this dangerous trip. His father and a group of experienced mountaineers were accompanying him, but the fact remains – at the age of 13, this kid has done something that the majority of adults will never ever dare to do.

3. Cameron Johnson, Online Dealer

Everyone was born for something. Cameron was born to sell. At the age of 9 he had downloaded Photoshop onto his computer and started making and selling custom postcards. After that, he started building websites and succeeded. Today, he is the owner of several popular (and extremely profitable) websites including

4. Mohamed Altoumaimi, Puzzle Breaker

Mohamed was a simple Iraqi immigrant from Sweden, until one day… he has figured out a formula known as Bernoulli numbers problem. This problem has been challenged by famous thinkers for 300 years, and was solved by a 16YO boy!

5. Thiago Olson, ‘The Mad Scientist’

This kid is famous for building a nuclear fusion reactor in his own basement. Of course, this is not a reactor that can destroy a couple of cities, but still it is a very convincing tiny duplicate, and it works! It took him 1000 hours to make it, so he had to spend all his free time in the basement. That’s why his friends call him a ‘mad scientist’.

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