Volunteer Activity Worldwide

The process of development of the modern society goes not with the same pace in all the regions of the globe. Some places have already reached high quality of life, the others still provide the conditions which are close to survival rather than actual living. However, most human beings are characterized by the sense of compassion and the desire to help. That is why it became possible to organize volunteer programs all over the world and involve thousands of people in the volunteering process.

You have an opportunity to help the others not only by donation but also by visiting different parts of the world and providing actual help. It will broaden your travel horizons and give you new wonderful experience. For instance, you can volunteer for Community Development in Kathmandu, Nepal. There the English teachers for local schools are needed as well as the volunteers for health care centers.

You may also get interested in the Navti Foundation which provides help for Bamenda in Cameroon. The founders of the program try to find an occupation which will match your individual skills and preferences. You can raise money for the fund or participate in agricultural development. It is a calm place where you will be able to relax and have quite hikes while making something useful for its inhabitants.

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Top 4 “Green” Business Ideas

As you probably know, the words “green” and “eco” have turned into the prefixes and are added to each and every good and service. Being “green” is the hottest fashion nowadays, but while naïve hipsters go vegan and plant the trees because they want to show off, smart and far-seeing businessmen leverage this “green” fashion for the realization of their business opportunities. So, let’s check the list of the most unusual and funky green business ideas.

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Living Art of Landscape Design

When we thin of works of art we usually imagine some museum with pictures hanging on the walls. Obscure darkness surrounds us and we fight with the great desire to fall asleep despite all these masterpieces. Monotonous voice of guide does not add much fun or vividness to this excursion. No wonder that lots of people consider the art to be something dull and covered with dust. But there is something which will help you to change your mind, this kind of art is called landscape design.

The particular feature of this art is that it combines the beauty of nature with culture. Different architectural creations are installed to point out the natural uniqueness of gardens. Some of these gardens look like real masterpieces. When being there you has an impression that you are in the heart of art itself, everything is so bright and green and every details sings with the joy of life. If you want to feel indescribable emotions and feel yourself a part of the work of art, visit one of the most famous landscape design gardens in the world. It will produce on you greater impression than any ancient, stuffed with pictures museum.

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6 ways to acquire inner peace

Sometimes we are craving for adventures; life is about activities and meeting people. But at the end of the day we all want a routine, stability and peace. And when we realize that peace is what we need, we find it hard to acquire. Every day we are in haste, we ran to work, we come back home late, cook, eat, take a shower and go to bed. The next day we do all the same things, we always hurry. But it’s not just work we think about. We all want to find love, to find someone to care about and who will care about us. We want to spend quite evenings with loved ones and not hurry anymore.

But if you are still alone there are some ways for you to acquire inner peace. Here are some of them and I sincerely hope my suggestions will help.

1. Meditate.

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Sunny Games

Summer is a time for fun and being careless. We remember how to be children, eat ice-cream, splash in the water, wear something indescribably short. What can be better than lying on the beach under the warm sun and doing nothing? Only lying on 5the beach and doing something funny!

If you have already taken your time being a beach seal pleased with life, whose only activity is to spread protective oil on the skin in the laziest manner, than you are ready for more energetic actions. There are beach games for you and your friends which will make your vacation brighter.

First game can be called “Sandman”. You form two teams and make the cards with the names of different characters. It may be some animals, mythological heroes or unreal personages from movies or cartoons. One member of each team takes one card randomly. The task of team is to dig this poor guy in the sand and try to make him look like this chosen personage from the card. The other team must guess whom they meant to recreate. One tip for safety – leave the head of your sandman on the surface, or it will be difficult for him to enjoy the process. One of the advantages of this game is that you can take awesome photos of your friends representing some weird creatures.

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Geniuses & cranks

A famous psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso assert that genius and insanity go together. Some famous people – writers, musicians, philosophers, had their vagaries, which are not well-known, but could seem funny, interesting and sometimes scaring.
For example, a German composer Robert Schumann began to suffer from insanity bouts at the age of 4 years, and at the age of 46 he lost his mind. He was followed by talking tables and he saw the sounds that later were formed into the chords and musical phrases. Well, it was for a good cause.
An English writer James Harrington imagined that his thoughts flew out of his mouth in the form of bees and birds, and he used to clutch his broom to drive them away. As you can guess that looked pretty strange.
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What to Do if Your Workmate is Anorexic

Anorexia can affect anyone no matter of age, social level or sex. It is known to be a serious mental disorder, not a whim as some may suppose it to be. Anorexia sufferers are usually extremely sensitive and exposed to a consequential traumatizing by misunderstanding, neglecting and a hostile atmosphere at work. Being valetudinarian due to their mental state, they are often easily offended by workmates, though the last ones didn’t have any intentions to do that. So you’re working together with a person who puts all his or her strength to beat anorexia. What is the correct behavior in this complicated situation?

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What Do Women Love About Men.

In the process of choosing a partner the active role traditionally belongs to a man. But in fact, a man chooses that woman who has already paid attention to him and secretly created conditions conducive to their acquaintance. That’s why the main aim for men is to attract attention to their personality, and to do it in a positive way. So, the question is: what does attract a woman in a man?
First of all, his intelligence. Women appreciate it strongly. If a man is smart enough, all his physical shortcomings recede into the background. That’s why so many female students fall in love with their teachers, paying no attention to the age difference and, as a rule, not the best physique.
Sexologists say that men’s intelligence arouses sexual instinct in women, to say nothing of the fact it’s really interesting for a lady to be with a smart gentleman.
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