Fairy Tales for Adults

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t enjoy reading or listening to fairy tales? These kind, funny and comforting stories are familiar to everyone since his or her earliest childhood. Each little boy used to imagine himself being a courageous knight and each little girl dreamed of becoming a princess. When you start recollecting your favorite fairy tales you return to your childhood when the colors were brighter and the food was tastier.

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Gamers and Schizoids Make the Same Mistakes

The Italian psychologists made a research and found out that the people addicted to the computer games are unable to analyze their mistakes. The specialists had tested the group of 20 gamers and compared the results with the ones of the average people with different hobbies. The tasks were the same. The analysis of these people’s answers showed that though the both groups had the same intellectual level, the fans of the computer games continue repeated making the previous mistakes.

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