Fairy Tales for Adults

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t enjoy reading or listening to fairy tales? These kind, funny and comforting stories are familiar to everyone since his or her earliest childhood. Each little boy used to imagine himself being a courageous knight and each little girl dreamed of becoming a princess. When you start recollecting your favorite fairy tales you return to your childhood when the colors were brighter and the food was tastier.

The ancient legends transformed into fairy tales are the way to explain what is good and what is bad to a young child. They carry the basic values that are essential to each human.

Having grown up we don’t cease reading fairy tales. These fairy tales receive another names but the whole idea stays the same. News, TV series and novels usually have a completely different aftertaste which can’t always be called a pleasant one. The classic literature may be called fairy tales for the adult children as its masterpieces promote the ideas of eternal values, such as love, patriotism, devotion, suffering, virtue and mercy. They don’t read easier as they require some psychological work to understand the message of the plot. We sympathize Caroline Meeber, disapprove of the actions of Dorian Gray and fear for Oliver Twist.

Qualified kind fairy tales can be the best cure for the people of all ages. Art therapy has the whole section called fairy tale therapy. The psychologist tells his client parables and stories that have been selected according to the individual needs and psychotype of the client. As soon as the therapy sessions are being carried out the client has to compose his own fairy tale with the happy end. That therapy helps the people to analyze their problems and restore their broken inner rod returning them their ability to empathize the others and experience the whole palette of human feelings.

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