67th anniversary of Hiroshima.

On August 6, 1945 Hiroshima was bombed by American militarists. Boeing B-29 bomber nicknamed Enola Gay after mother of the pilot dropped atomic bomb on the city. The bomb Little Boy literally wiped the city off the map. Over 70 000 civilians were killed and thousands died suffering from radiation sicknesses. The Japanese government as well as militarists refused to surrender and didn’t accept the ultimatum. For the Americans it was the only possible way to stop the Pacific War. But hardly it could justify the bombing of Japanese cities. At the same time the Japanese government bore the responsibility as well. The government was informed that the country would be attacked. But the ultimatum was simply ignored. Emperor Hirohito didn’t interfere as well.

Later on August 15 Japan surrendered. It meant that World War II was over. But the price was too high.

Hiroshima was chosen as a target as the city was industrial and military center at the time. Many military camps were nearby the city. So it was mainly strategic choice to bomb Hiroshima.

People were dying from burns and radiation. Doctors simply didn’t know how to help them. Another problem was lack of medicines. It was the first time they faced the diseases and it was simply impossible to get the medicines on the spot.

It is still disputable subject. At the same time the Allies accepted it as the only possible way to stop the war. Today people tend to blame the decision the militarists came to. “We don’t think we should be glorified or the airplane be glorified. Just … show what it did in that period of time. Things are much different now, and people look at things much different. But it’s got to be considered in the time period that it happened”, recalls Thomas Ferebee, the bombardier.

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2 thoughts on “67th anniversary of Hiroshima.

  1. I cannot see how the killing of innocent women and children can ever be justified. No matter the reason, the Allies new that thousands of them would be killed. Where is the victory in such a dishonorable retaliation. Terrorists specifically target civilians. America won the war, but lost its humanity. They could have just targeted Nagasaki at least. The Japanese government was to blame as well. Still, America stopped being the good guys, when they killed Tens of thousands of innocent civilians. The Japanese army had done some unspeakable atrocities, as well. In war it is easy for lines to get blurred. Yet I cannot agree with killing so many innocent civilians. It could be considered a war crime.

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