Gamers and Schizoids Make the Same Mistakes

The Italian psychologists made a research and found out that the people addicted to the computer games are unable to analyze their mistakes. The specialists had tested the group of 20 gamers and compared the results with the ones of the average people with different hobbies. The tasks were the same. The analysis of these people’s answers showed that though the both groups had the same intellectual level, the fans of the computer games continue repeated making the previous mistakes.

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If your girlfriend is much younger….

Many men in their middle age notice that younger ladies become extremely attractive. But they don’t afford themselves to hang out with them anyway, considering it to be far from the moral and ethical side. They say, girls can never be too young and there is nothing wrong in the fact older men date with young girls, and about 25% of girls confess they prefer older men. So you shouldn’t be embarrassed. The main thing here is to find the right approach to ladies.

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Gifted Teenagers Who Took Over The World

“I’ve got no talent”, “I’m useless”, “I can’t do this”, “I can’t do that”, “I’ll do it some other day”… Do you often say these phrases before doing something? I bet you do and postpone the

realization of your idea. Meanwhile, even the teenagers manage to shock the community by smart, courageous and ambitious deeds. Read this post again next time you suffer from uncertainty and procrastination.

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The first video game

When you are absorbed into some sort of activity, you certainly start wondering where this activity has its roots. Thus, as I’m an active gamer, I got interested in who the inventor of the first video game was.

You have probably never thought of what the first video game looked like and who was the inventor. Nevertheless, it’s a very interesting fact, that the first video game was not invented like a separate product. All the best inventions are the side results of one big deal, you surely know that!

So, let’s go back to 1958. Exactly at this time a famous nuclear physicist Willy Higinbotham invented the first primitive video game, but that was only a start of the whole era of modern games we love so much.

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Every person should have an opportunity to take a bit of rest due to his favorite activity. Not so long ago, my friends have brought a new kind of activity into my life, which is going to become the sense of my existence, because it’s pure fun!

I’m talking now about the activity called “flashmob”. Some of you, probably wonder what it is. I’ll tell you.

Flashmob is a planned in advance mass action involving volunteer accidental people. The mob suddenly appears in public places and starts doing the actions (again, planned in advance) all together with absolutely serious faces, even if the action itself is more absurd than you can ever imagine. This activity has the starting point and the end, after which the mob turns into separate accidental people in the street again.

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Volunteer Activity Worldwide

The process of development of the modern society goes not with the same pace in all the regions of the globe. Some places have already reached high quality of life, the others still provide the conditions which are close to survival rather than actual living. However, most human beings are characterized by the sense of compassion and the desire to help. That is why it became possible to organize volunteer programs all over the world and involve thousands of people in the volunteering process.

You have an opportunity to help the others not only by donation but also by visiting different parts of the world and providing actual help. It will broaden your travel horizons and give you new wonderful experience. For instance, you can volunteer for Community Development in Kathmandu, Nepal. There the English teachers for local schools are needed as well as the volunteers for health care centers.

You may also get interested in the Navti Foundation which provides help for Bamenda in Cameroon. The founders of the program try to find an occupation which will match your individual skills and preferences. You can raise money for the fund or participate in agricultural development. It is a calm place where you will be able to relax and have quite hikes while making something useful for its inhabitants.

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Top 4 “Green” Business Ideas

As you probably know, the words “green” and “eco” have turned into the prefixes and are added to each and every good and service. Being “green” is the hottest fashion nowadays, but while naïve hipsters go vegan and plant the trees because they want to show off, smart and far-seeing businessmen leverage this “green” fashion for the realization of their business opportunities. So, let’s check the list of the most unusual and funky green business ideas.

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