The first video game

When you are absorbed into some sort of activity, you certainly start wondering where this activity has its roots. Thus, as I’m an active gamer, I got interested in who the inventor of the first video game was.

You have probably never thought of what the first video game looked like and who was the inventor. Nevertheless, it’s a very interesting fact, that the first video game was not invented like a separate product. All the best inventions are the side results of one big deal, you surely know that!

So, let’s go back to 1958. Exactly at this time a famous nuclear physicist Willy Higinbotham invented the first primitive video game, but that was only a start of the whole era of modern games we love so much.

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Sunny Games

Summer is a time for fun and being careless. We remember how to be children, eat ice-cream, splash in the water, wear something indescribably short. What can be better than lying on the beach under the warm sun and doing nothing? Only lying on 5the beach and doing something funny!

If you have already taken your time being a beach seal pleased with life, whose only activity is to spread protective oil on the skin in the laziest manner, than you are ready for more energetic actions. There are beach games for you and your friends which will make your vacation brighter.

First game can be called “Sandman”. You form two teams and make the cards with the names of different characters. It may be some animals, mythological heroes or unreal personages from movies or cartoons. One member of each team takes one card randomly. The task of team is to dig this poor guy in the sand and try to make him look like this chosen personage from the card. The other team must guess whom they meant to recreate. One tip for safety – leave the head of your sandman on the surface, or it will be difficult for him to enjoy the process. One of the advantages of this game is that you can take awesome photos of your friends representing some weird creatures.

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