China Intends to Design the National Processor Architecture

The Chinese government is reported to have the intentions to choose the national design of the micro processors. The central processing units of the specially protected design will be used by all the governmental institutes and all the public companies. There are five types of the processor architecture that are accessible in China. They are Alpha, MIPS, Power, ARM and UPU developed by the Chinese specialists. The Chinese leaders may choose any of them but they are likely to design their own new architecture.

The first meeting of the specialists group that is responsible for this question was held in March. The final decision concerning the national micro processor architecture is to be made during the nearest few months.

The most wide-spread processor architecture in China is MIPS and Alpha. The millions of computers in the Chinese schools work on the predecessors Loongson that use the MIPS architecture. The first Chinese super-computer Sunway Bluelight works on the Alpha architecture.

China is the owner of several dozens of licenses for the ARM architecture but taking into account the price of a single Cortex-A9 license that constitutes five million USD the decision tho make the ARM architecture the national one seems to be almost impossible.

The decision to create the own Micro processor architecture appears to be more likely though it may require some additional financial support. The main perk of using the national processor architecture is the possibility to trace the citizens and to censor the unsolicited websites which is an attractive perspective for the Chinese government. The one of the supposed measures is the inserting the black list of the unwelcome DNS and IP addresses into the micro processors.

In that way the government will have the opportunity to reduce the risk of its citizens surfing on the “dark” side of the internet. However there are no official proves or denials of this information.

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