Venetian Stucco

It is a widely known fact that the natural stones such as marble or granite have always been used in decorating the interior of mansions and cathedrals. Such stones look luxurious and splendid but require too much effort to be processed and prepared for the finishing work. Moreover a large amount of left outs make this process a rather expensive one. According to the ancient legend the Roman architect Vitruvius was the first master who started using marble dust in decorating the houses, churches and castles. The new material soon became popular as it could be used in various technologies of decoration. Besides that the thin-layered marble parget could be used when the stone decoration was impossible due to the inaccessibility of the wall area. This plastering appeared to possess water-resistant and heat-resistant features. In that way the thin-layered seamless marble cover became widely used in interior decorating works.

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