The first video game

When you are absorbed into some sort of activity, you certainly start wondering where this activity has its roots. Thus, as I’m an active gamer, I got interested in who the inventor of the first video game was.

You have probably never thought of what the first video game looked like and who was the inventor. Nevertheless, it’s a very interesting fact, that the first video game was not invented like a separate product. All the best inventions are the side results of one big deal, you surely know that!

So, let’s go back to 1958. Exactly at this time a famous nuclear physicist Willy Higinbotham invented the first primitive video game, but that was only a start of the whole era of modern games we love so much.

As the main screen of the game Willy Higinbotham used the screen of the oscilloscope. As a matter of fact, though he was a very prominent scientist, working on the atomic bomb, he also liked tennis, that’s why the first video game is a primitive analogy to the tennis match.

So, having a desire to show the capacity of his scientific laboratory, Willy Higinbotham invented “Tennis for Two” wasting only 3 weeks on it. In the game, there was a horizontal line at the bottom of the screen. The “ball” jumped off this line and the player was to strike the “ball” back by the “racket” which was also a moving horizontal line at the top а the screen.

They say the game was very popular among the employees of the laboratory and they could wait for hours to play it. Then, the research was to continue, so the game board was dismantled and the oscilloscope was returned to its main duties. Well, guys, this was the first video game in the world. Thanks to the bored scientists!

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