Top 4 “Green” Business Ideas

As you probably know, the words “green” and “eco” have turned into the prefixes and are added to each and every good and service. Being “green” is the hottest fashion nowadays, but while naïve hipsters go vegan and plant the trees because they want to show off, smart and far-seeing businessmen leverage this “green” fashion for the realization of their business opportunities. So, let’s check the list of the most unusual and funky green business ideas.

  1. Pee Fuel

People have been searching for the alternative sources of energy for ages. The “pee” idea belongs to Ohio University professor Gerardine Botte. She was working on her project dedicated to using water as an alternative source of energy. Apparently, she decided that pee has much more potential. During the experiment, the urine was influenced by electrolytic effect and the results showed that 200 people can potentially generate 2 kW of energy while 1000 cows can produce 50 kW. Remember that Back To The Future movies where professor used trash instead of gas for his car? Who knows, maybe someday we will use pee for our vehicles 🙂

  1. “Green” Cab

Eco business ideas are to be found in a large scale as well, and this is the best proof of their being profitable and promising. Thus, you can find unusual green taxi in London, GB. The so-called “Cab 4 One” project was launched to reduce the traffic loads and thus reduce the fumes’ outbursts into the atmosphere. The point is the vast majority of London cabs are huge sedans, but as a rule they serve only one or two passengers at a time. The city is overloaded with vehicles and smaller taxies can be a great decision. These tiny cars don’t even require a driver – you can simply call the service and order a cab to drive by yourself! Besides, this program supports bicycle lovers by offering them a very special service. If you have some problems with your bicycle, you can contact “Cab 4 One” and they will send a car to you that has special fastening belts for the bikes.

  1. Eco Shoes

What do the nature and the fashion have in common? That’s the question that OAT SHOES Company asked itself several years ago, and the answers made them come to the idea of creating eco shoes. The point is the majority of modern footwear is made of eco-unfriendly materials. When your favorite pair of shoes becomes too old and you decide to get rid of it, it takes them many years to decompose naturally. OAT SHOES produce footwear that is made of easily-decomposing products. Their first «Virgin Collection» was performed on Amsterdam fashion week. The designers chose the concept of the interconnection between a human being and the nature and used the figures of Adam and Eve to showcase their ideas.

  1. Eco Restaurants

“Green” restaurants are very popular nowadays and can be found all across the country. But “green” diner is much more than veggie menu and plants in the jars. A restaurant can be called “green” when it uses eco-friendly materials including construction materials, furniture, tableware, staff’s uniform, etc. No compromises are accepted; otherwise, this is a greenwash!

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