Living Art of Landscape Design

When we thin of works of art we usually imagine some museum with pictures hanging on the walls. Obscure darkness surrounds us and we fight with the great desire to fall asleep despite all these masterpieces. Monotonous voice of guide does not add much fun or vividness to this excursion. No wonder that lots of people consider the art to be something dull and covered with dust. But there is something which will help you to change your mind, this kind of art is called landscape design.

The particular feature of this art is that it combines the beauty of nature with culture. Different architectural creations are installed to point out the natural uniqueness of gardens. Some of these gardens look like real masterpieces. When being there you has an impression that you are in the heart of art itself, everything is so bright and green and every details sings with the joy of life. If you want to feel indescribable emotions and feel yourself a part of the work of art, visit one of the most famous landscape design gardens in the world. It will produce on you greater impression than any ancient, stuffed with pictures museum.

I recommend you to start with Katsura Imperial Palace garden, which is situated in Japan. Kobori Enshu, a famous garden designer, took an active part in creating this unbelievable place. There was dug a lake for the sake of beauty only, islands and hills were formed to present the diversity of landscape forms. As a special decoration of the place the stone lanterns were installed in the garden to light it after dark.

In Italy you can visit Villa Lante, an excellent example of the Renaissance art. The buildings situated in the garden look like its ornament. Villa Lante presents a perfection of proportion as each detail is put on its place and together they form a unique ensemble. Water area is made in the form of stepping cascade and the whole place reflects a perfect geometrical pattern.

Stourhead garden in England is another masterpiece of landscape design. The idea of creating this place was inspired by the landscape painters of the seventeenth century. It is famous for its lake and Pantheon, as well as for its five-arch bridge and the Temple of Apollo. This garden combines the examples of Italian art and Gothic features. Besides, it reveals the beauty of nature as the most rare and exotic trees can be found among architectural decorations.

Another world-known garden in England is called Hidcote Manor Garden. It was created in 1905 by a talented plantsman Lawrence Johnston. The space is divided into garden rooms by holly hedges. Each room has its own style and is devoted to a particular kind of plants. This garden provides an excellent opportunity to admire the diversity of natural species.

The main advantage of landscape design creations is that you never get tired of admiring them. Besides, you can always try to make something of your own by using the garden you have at your disposal and the power of your imagination. As for inspiration, I am sure that visiting one of the gardens mentioned above will give you the eternal source of it.

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