6 ways to acquire inner peace

Sometimes we are craving for adventures; life is about activities and meeting people. But at the end of the day we all want a routine, stability and peace. And when we realize that peace is what we need, we find it hard to acquire. Every day we are in haste, we ran to work, we come back home late, cook, eat, take a shower and go to bed. The next day we do all the same things, we always hurry. But it’s not just work we think about. We all want to find love, to find someone to care about and who will care about us. We want to spend quite evenings with loved ones and not hurry anymore.

But if you are still alone there are some ways for you to acquire inner peace. Here are some of them and I sincerely hope my suggestions will help.

1. Meditate.

Meditation takes 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening – 40 minutes a day. All you need to do is sit with your eyes closed and concentrate on one of the following things: your breath, a sound, or silence, non judgmental attitude. Meditation doesn’t just make you feel more calm and peaceful, it also makes you feel healthier and alive.

2. Go to church

If you trust in God, union with him alone may make you feel uplifted and happy. There is no place more peaceful than a church.

3. Do Yoga.

Very often Yoga and meditation go together. And if you know how to combine these things – it is going to be even more helpful and soothing. Gentle stretching and a little physical tension will help you relax and feel union of your soul and your body.

4. Go for a run.

Is there anything more pleasant than running in a park and watching the sun rise? A run will make you feel better and healthier; it will also make you think about eternal beauty of nature, sky and the sun. A shower after a run will take the rest of your stress away.

5. Take a bath.

Draw a hot babble bath with salts, candles and classical music. In my opinion this is the fastest way to make you stress melt away.

6. Read a good book.

Reading implies all kinds of emotions: happiness and sadness, shock etc. But you can read in silence, unlike TV a book can’t make any disturbing sounds, this is why reading is also a very soothing process, it may help you to fall asleep (and it doesn’t necessarily mean a book is boring). If it’s summer time, you can go and read in a park, nature may give you more peace than anything else.

If you do all these things every day, or at least one of these things every day, I am pretty sure it’ll help you to feel better and maybe even start a new life. And it will definitely make you feel healthier and fitter that you were before.

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One thought on “6 ways to acquire inner peace

  1. Lap swimming. You must sync your physical effort with your breathing and it becomes very rhythmic. You’re also significantly sensory-deprived so there is little distraction except the feel of the water and your body. Worked great for me.

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