What Do Women Love About Men.

In the process of choosing a partner the active role traditionally belongs to a man. But in fact, a man chooses that woman who has already paid attention to him and secretly created conditions conducive to their acquaintance. That’s why the main aim for men is to attract attention to their personality, and to do it in a positive way. So, the question is: what does attract a woman in a man?
First of all, his intelligence. Women appreciate it strongly. If a man is smart enough, all his physical shortcomings recede into the background. That’s why so many female students fall in love with their teachers, paying no attention to the age difference and, as a rule, not the best physique.
Sexologists say that men’s intelligence arouses sexual instinct in women, to say nothing of the fact it’s really interesting for a lady to be with a smart gentleman.
And then, speech. Speech is an external manifestation of intelligence. Everyone knows that women love with their ears, and that’s why the way you speak can either attract or spurn a girl. You should develop your skills by learning, reading, being among intelligent people. Take into consideration, that guys with a good sense of humor are always among pretty ladies. Though it’s hard to develop this skill, just try to be open and don’t be scared to laugh at yourself.
Don’t forget about the grammatical correctness. Take care of the way you talk and write. The wrong usage of these or that words can arouse just irony and fleer and break a fragile cobweb of your fresh relationships.

The other thing which attracts women is prosperity. Women don’t like losers. It’s quite natural. A woman is responsible for procreation, and she takes care about the future of her child: a husband has to have money enough to support them. Even if a girl doesn’t plan to build a family with you, it works subconsciously. It’s very important for her to feel material security from her boyfriend’s side.
Humanities are also extremely important for women.
Generosity, nobility, ability to understand-these are the things which are strongly appreciated by women. To feel ‘as safely as behind a stone wall’ is what women also need.
Well, if a man has all these qualities, he increases his chances to conquer a woman.

As for appearance, ladies are not hung-up about men’s look in comparison with men themselves. Women appreciate posture, good shape, neatness ( especially about hair and nails) and good smell. Give up smoking and drinking coffee, make your teeth white. A sincere beautiful smile shows your inclination to a person, your readiness to talk. But don’t overuse it, as it could seem artificial or strange.

Speaking about hair on your face, I should mention, that a long and fluffy beard is not what women like. On the other hand, bristle is considered to be sexy and appealing for most of ladies. But be careful while kissing her: it can hurt. Don’t be shy if you need to wear glasses. Many women think that men in spectacles are extremely attractive and interesting. May be it happens because men look smarter in glasses, and as we have already discussed the power of intelligence, make your own conclusion.
On the whole try to keep in mind that women would have a kind and responsible man rather than a handsome narcissist. Well, boys, it’s high time to work over yourself!

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